IP67 3 in 1 dimming programmable LED Driver

Product range:42W-600W
IP67 universal input 3 in 1 dimming LED Drive;r
Isolated power design
Class I and Class II Programmable LED Driver ;
Input Voltage:90-305Vac
Working temperature:-40-+60C
Warranty:5 years
Ingress protection rating:IP67
All-round protection:Output SCP,OVP,OTP
Surge protection:DM5KV,CM10KV
3 in 1 dimming
0-5V/0-10V/PWM/Timer dimming,optional reverse dimming
dim to off;
12V/0.2A auxiliary output optional
off-line programmable
Application:Road lighting,industrial lighting,led horticulture lighting
XA means Class I and XB means Class II

Key features

  • XA/XB-42W serial
  • XA/XB-075W serial
  • XA/XB-105W serial
  • XA/XB-120W serial
  • XA/XB-150W serial
  • XA/XB-200W serial


  • XA/XB-240W serial
  • XA/XB-320W serial
  • XA/XB-400W serial
  • XA/XB-480W serial
  • XA/XB-600W serial

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