2B-NEMA photocontrol

XE-02B NEMA photocontrol is a lighting switch control device
comply with UL773 and ANSIC136.41 standard,twist-locked
installed in street lamp, courtyard lamp and other lighting lamps
for automatic switch control. This type of photo control can detect
the ambient brightness to control the switch function of lamps.
Wide voltage input, widely used in power grid standards around
the world. In addition, it has different switching brightness
threshold and delay characteristics, which can avoid the influence
caused by lights or lightning at night.
Comply with UL773 & ANSI C136.41-2013
Fireproof and UV resistant, suitable for various outdoor lamps
and lanterns
Convenient / reliable / durable twist-lock connection
Different switch brightness thresholds, delay trigger, reliable and
Built-in lightning protection devices to effectively protect
against surge interference

Key features


Datasheets (PDF)
XE-02B Photocontrol.pdf

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